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Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your entire life and, most likely, the biggest party you will ever throw. No pressure, right?? Of course not! At Downtown Event Services, our job is weddings. We go to more weddings in one year than most people will attend in their entire lives. From mid-morning outdoor ceremonies to late night receptions on the 48th floor, we’ve pretty much seen it all, and we have the experience and knowledge to help plan your perfect day.


Wedding Music by Downtown Event Services

If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, your Downtown Event Services DJ will fill that role to ensure everything runs according to plan, so that you may tend to your guests. Four hours will go by more quickly than you think. We want to make sure you spend that time visiting and dancing with your guests, not running your own reception.

If you have a wedding coordinator, we will work closely with that person.


You may have as much or as little input as you wish regarding the music played during your reception. We provide a music guide, as well as a worksheet to help assist with your music selection. We also include a section for songs you do not want to hear.

No Cheese

Downtown Event Services DJs understand wedding protocol and will only use the microphone to make the appropriate announcements to keep your guests informed and involved with the progression of the reception. We don’t play games, we don’t bring props, and we aren’t the stars of the show. Your guests are there to dance and visit. The less time we spend on the mic, the more time they have to enjoy the music and the conversation.


Its your wedding, and yes, it is one of the most important events in your life, and it will be one of the biggest parties you will ever throw. But it’s supposed to be fun, so enjoy the process, and make sure you choose the right vendors to ensure they represent you well on your wedding day.

Please call today to schedule a consultation at our office, or elsewhere at your convenience.

Lighting & Music Editing

Downtown Event Services will put your name in lights – literally!

GOBO Lighting

Downtown Event Services Solutions

Whether you want to dance on your monogram or display your logo on the wall, or even the side of a building, we create custom designs to light up your event. We work with everything from a drawing on a napkin to camera-ready artwork combined with a bit of ellipsoidal light technology to create the look you're going for.

Up - Lighting

If you'd like to further dramatize the look of your venue, we have the very latest in up-light technology. Our wireless LED fixtures are versatile, discreet and provide enough ambient light that you can turn off the overhead lights altogether. They require no power outlets, electrical cords, or floor tape and will operate over 15 hours on a single charge. With 20 preset colors and a custom color-mixing feature we can find the right look for your event!

Music Editing

From cheer routines, recitals, and surprise first dances, to simple length changes; if your music isn't quite working, Downtown Event Services will edit it to make sure it does. We even have a library of sound effects if you want to kick your routine up a notch. Give us a call today to tell use how we can help. You may also call On Our Toes Dance Studio and ask Tammy how her experience using our music editing services has enhanced her competitions and recitals.

Corporate Events

Sound Systems to Fit Your Function

Welcoming 2011 at Messina Hof's 1920's themed speakeasy.

Systems supplied by Downtown Event Services range from the size of a briefcase for intimate settings to the ones that allow everyone in a 500 seat auditorium to hear every word.

We have an array of microphones – corded and cordless, hand held and hands free. You need it. We have it.

Call today for a sound system tailored to your event.

Company Party? Hire a Party Company

Downtown Event Services has never met a party we didn’t like, especially when you let us assist with the planning.

From annual picnics, holiday parties, and mixers to banquets, balls and milestone events, businesses in the Brazos Valley turn to Downtown Event Services for what else, y'all? Entertainment!

Ask us about the concert we arranged featuring Granger Smith and Kevin Fowler. We’ll tell you all about it.

While you are at it, ask our clients, too.

Our Clients

We've have great success with many of our past hosts from around the Bryan - College Station area.

Youth Events

Parents - Let’s Talk Lyrics and Content

Downtown Event Services Solutions

Downtown Event Services’s music is current and up-to-date. We have the latest radio-edited country and pop music direct from our music service. However, clean language does not necessarily mean the message is appropriate. We scrutinize each song to assure you that suggestive songs do not play for young audiences.

We will provide a music guide, worksheet and personal assistance with music selections as we help you plan your event. We can provide any selections that may be missing from the list. Just let us know.

Birthday Parties, Mitzvahs, School Dances and Graduations. Downtown Event Services has the age appropriate music selection for every type of audience.

Past Hosts

We have experienced great success with many of our clients in the Bryan / College Station area.

Etiquette & Protocol Consulting

Am I Doing This Right?

Downtown Event Services Solutions

The cost of rudeness, in your business professional life or in your personal life, can be very high. Proper etiquette training enables anyone to have style and confidence during any type of social situation or corporate function. Downtown Event Services offers programs ranging from conducting hometown business to the world market with international protocol training. We also offer dining skills, and preparation for the prom and other formal events. Best of all, we have developed programs especially for weddings.

One-Take Wedding!

Your wedding is the event of a lifetime. You have one opportunity to get it everything right for your wedding day video. Think about it. You only get one take. How much time are you putting into rehearsing? Years from now, will you be watching your perfect day unfold, or will it be filled with embarrassing bloopers - avoidable bloopers?

Here are some of the wedding skills training Downtown Event Services offers:

Want more?

Business etiquette, personal etiquette, dining skills, résumé and job interview etiquette. You name the situation. We will tailor your training to meet your individual needs. Let's get started today. Remember, life is like a sporting event. You can't win the game if you don’t know the rules.